Friday, November 21, 2008


DuNno wHy i cHosed This TiTLe..HeHe..bUt i GuesT it sTand foR "Do Not diStuRb" Lahh...WhY?? coZ aT thE moMenT I aM veRy sTress a.k.a Jiwa I'm On My waY To SeaRcH mYseLf aNd TrYinG tO bE myseLf wiThouT preTendIng To Be soMeoNe eLSe..hUhU..wHy?? I'm dOiNg it fOr mY "LOVES"..I neeD tO dO iT foR Them..BeCaUse oF tHem..PleAse, Do nOt taKe TheM awaY fRoM me..i Don't haVe aNy poiNt to gO "thEre" aNymore iF theY weRe noT there...I knoW tHat i haVe The oTheRs to LooK aT..buT inSteaD thE otHers, mY strOngEst poInt beIng TheRe becoZ oF tHem..The aLmighTy..pleAse ListEn tO mY praY..i'm BeggIng Here..whAt aM I goiNg tO do?? I'm UseLess...tHere Is So MucH to ThiNk..(Y_Y)

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