Monday, March 9, 2009

haTikU..haTiku..daN haTi LaGi..

OnCe aGain mY heArt tuRnS upSide DowN..MessY juSt Like My RooM that nOt beeN tiDY yeT due my LacK of Time (reaSon..ReaSon..aLwaYs reAsoN! HeHe..)..taPi tuLah..nOWdaYs wHat haVe i dOne aRe nOt in A riTe PLace..esPeciaLLy aBouT thaT thIng..i doN'T miNd iF iT onLy maTters aBout Me aND mY freNs..bUt yeT..iT inVoLveS mY beLoveD oneS..whAt haVe i doNe wrOng TiLL mY 6th SenSe feLt tHat u R noT miNe aNymOre?? aM i caN't fiT wiTh u anymoRe?? oR theRe is the OtHer wHo aLreaDy fiT yoUrs..naPer?? peRanGai akU daH not chaRm Like Before Ker?? eVerytiMe i saID a WorD..iT wiLL maKe yOu maD..whY?? I haVe LearN thIs siTuaTioN 4 YearS agO..aRe u DoiNg the SaME thiNg?? I hOpe Not..iF yEs..i doN't haVe a wOrd To saY..PasRah..

2nd..aBouT thIs moVing SitUatiOn..i didn't kNow eiTher tHis thIng riTe oR wrOng..Lord..PLease seNd me sOme guIDe..pLeaSe stAbiL my emOtioN riTe noW..kind Of Hurt..I don'T knOw whAt i Did wrOng..wHy did EverYone do This to Me?? PleaSe teLL me whAt i diD wroNg?? do Not jUSt keeP in siLence..My suBject iN uniVersiTy didn't teaChed me How To ReaD otHer PeOpLe Mind...aM i WaS boRn tO be SuCh Like This?? wHat kind You CaLL tHat?? Ermmm...BLue..BLue..SaD (Y_Y)

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