Thursday, March 5, 2009

NaPer Laaaa....

NaPe ek? ManuSia diBeriKAn aKaL taPi hmm..takDe haTi daN perAsaAn..aKu taK taU nak tuLis Per..baCa Je Lah sTateMenT kaT bawaH nih Ek...

"The breeder based in Klang Valley has more than 40 Persian cats. The cats are housed next to the breeder's corner unit house in a dark enclosure with each cat getting a cramped 2 feet by 2 feet space to live out its sad, sad life. The tiny cages are piled high from floor to ceiling. Cats are taken out to mate - that's where the sex slave title comes from. Many of the cats were unhealthy not just physically but seemed to be mentally scarred - after being cooped up so long and in such conditions it comes as no surprise. The daily highlighted especially that a 16 year old female and 15 year old male were still forced to reproduce and the kittens from this union were sickly and died soon after. The report states that there it is unknown how many cats had died at the "factory". The breeder got away with a fine of RM200 and a warning. "

Nih LaK gaMbaR-GaMbaR nYer..seBenaRnYa aKU taK saMpai aTi naK leTak kaT siNi..seBab aKu taK de Ati naK tengOk..taPi juSt naK tunJuk kaT koRang..keJam kaN maNusiA niH..

pleasE..sTop Buy bReeDerS caT..kaLau naK beLa kUceng suPport stRay caTs..pLeaSe sPay aNd neUteR thEm..paStu pLease sIgn tHis PetItioN suPayA huKumaN unTuk oRaNg yaNg taK beRhaTi peRut keNa kaW-kaW puNya..

ps :taKpe KaLau taK daPaT baLasaN seKaraNg..taPi yakinLah pAda ALLAH S.W.T.

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